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I categorize soundtracks into several groups - (1) "Performance Plus", (2) "Concert", (3) "Basic", (4) "Basic Plus" and (5) "Full Orchestral" tracks. Pricing in these various categories is based upon the length of time I will spend, and the amount of instrumentation required to make each track a high-quality, professionally competitive music track. . . . Art Bain

“Performance Plus” Soundtracks

(My most popular track!) This track is a wonderful mix of "digital" and "live" sounds. I begin by creating the rhythm section, all keyboards and orchestral sounds with my digital gear and the latest state-of-the-art software instruments . . . then we add the live acoustic guitar along with David Johnson's touch as he plays fiddle, dobro, steel guitar, banjo, harmonica, mandolin or electric guitar. David is a two-time winner of the SGMA "Studio Musician Of The Year" Award and is much in demand as he has performed on literally thousands of album recordings in fine studios throughout the Southeast. As you'll hear, his expertise on these instruments will definitely give your music an added "Plus"!

*Strings or Brass . . . can be done either "simply" or "very involved"! I am happy to include "simple strings" or "simple brass" in the Performance Plus category, assuming that the arrangement isn't overly lengthy or complicated. More involved orchestral arrangements must fall into the "Full Orchestral" category.

"Concert" Soundtracks

From time to time, there may be a need for a full-sounding track which needs some simple orchestration, but doesn't require David Johnson's instruments (as described in the "Performance Plus" category). This type of track would include my piano, bass guitar & drums . . AND the live acoustic guitar, along with the "simple strings" or "simple brass" as described above . . . but none of David's electric or acoustic instruments.

"Basic" Soundtracks

These are "All Digital" tracks. "Basic" soundtracks feature my piano, bass and drums. This category of track is good for someone who needs a simple-but-professional sounding performance or demo track which isn't too involved or expensive. If your material is heavily oriented to the current style of Southern Gospel or Contemporary Christian music, or if you're seeking to get radio airplay in the current Southern Gospel market, you should probably go with the "Performance Plus", "Concert" or "Basic Plus" track. Otherwise, this track could be exactly what you need!

"Basic Plus" Soundtracks

For a track which needs to be "fuller" sounding than the "Basic" track . . we'll add an extra keyboard layer, AND the live acoustic guitar, making it the "Basic Plus"! With my piano "out front". (This really works well for the "older style" of gospel music.)

“Full Orchestral” Soundtracks

Full rhythm section, including my piano, bass, drums, keyboard layer & live acoustic guitar, plus multi-layered strings (divided into separate violin, viola & cello tracks), layered brass (trumpet, trombone and French horns), woodwinds. Your track will definitely sound like a BIG ORCHESTRA played it!

"Performance Plus" Soundtracks $225
"Concert" Soundtracks $180
"Basic Plus" Soundtracks $155
"Basic" Soundtracks $125
Full Orchestral Soundtracks will be quoted individually, after I review your material. Initially, the price begins at $280 (including the live acoustic guitar), but the cost can vary greatly if the material is so complex that I spend many, many hours putting it all together!

Full Orchestral pricing does not include live instrumentation by David Johnson. To include David's instruments, add $45 per song.

"Medleys" cannot be treated as one song.  The length of time required to create the track is increased by the number of songs represented in the medley.  Pricing for medleys will be quoted individually.

Final mixing/mastering of "Soundtrack Only" projects

From time to time, I produce a full set of 10 or 12 soundtracks for an artist or group who will not be finishing up their vocals in my studio. I have recently shipped mastered soundtracks to Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Nashville, TN, Pennsylvania, Canada and the Bahamas!

Once having added all the required instrumentation to a Soundtrack, there must then be a "Final Mixing" and "Mastering" process, before I can deliver the tracks to another studio. This can be time-consuming, and I'll usually spend a minimum of 45 minutes per song in preparing them for delivery. Thus, the cost for final mixing and mastering of Soundtracks is $35 per song.

Interested in a Custom Soundtrack??  Please contact me today!

Thanks! . . . . . . Art Bain

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