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Recording a great sounding CD project could be easier than you ever would have thought! Let's explore the possibilities and talk about the cost . . . .

We'll start with the music soundtracks. Let's assume that you get ten songs done in the "Performance Plus" category. You will then have a total of $2250 in your music tracks. The good thing about this is that you don't have to get them all at once. I can make your tracks one-or-two at a time, and you can pay as we go! This process can be stretched out for as long (or short) as your budget allows.

Once the tracks are ready, the next thing to do is add your vocals. Most solo artists will spend eight-to-ten hours in the studio working on vocals. Quartets & trios will typically spend more time, because we will meticulously work to get harmonies and pitches correct, and more voices are involved. My time, including the use of my studio and me as your vocal producer, is priced at $50 per hour ... so, if you spend ten hours, that's $500. I price this on an hourly basis, therefore, if you spend less time, you pay less!

(By the way . . . I am an experienced vocal arranger / producer and "harmony expert"! I will help you with harmonies and pitches to make sure your project sounds as professional as possible!)

Having done the vocals, now we're ready for the final mix, which includes all the "tweaking" & mastering of your instrumentals and vocals, running your master CDR's and soundtracks, etc. This usually involves about an hour-and-a-half per song. Let's figure $750 for this, which will include my time and supplies.

Well, now let's order your product! Your initial order of 500 replicated CD's will be $1295 (with 2-panel full-color front inserts & tray cards), plus the shipping cost. (Re-orders will cost a little less because the "setup" charges are billed on the first order only.) Lesser quantities of CD's are also available - LET'S TALK!

OK, let's estimate the total cost . . .

Soundtracks (10 @ $225) $2250
Your vocals (10 hr. estimate) $500
Final mix/ mastering/ supplies (10 Songs @ 1 1/2 hr ea. $750
500 Replicated CD's $1295
TOTAL (estimate) $4795

If you're a soloist, you might consider getting Vocal Background.We can add professional, "Nashville Quality" vocals for $160 per song. (This price includes three singers and the studio time!)

Interested in an Album Project?? Please contact me today!

Thanks! . . . . . . Art Bain

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