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"So . . . you've decided to record a CD project.  The first thing to consider is where we'll get our instrumental tracks.  With me as your producer, we can go one of three ways"
  1. We can produce a live recording session using some of the Southeast's finest studio musicians. A “major production” done in a bigger studio with all the new high-tech digital “stuff” !  I will serve as your producer, arranger, session leader and keyboardist. Please call me and we'll discuss the details.

  2. I can create high-quality instrumental tracks for you, using my all-digital instrumentation. We will complete your project right here at my Artist Tracks Studio where I am able to meet the need for high-quality-not-too-expensive soundtracks and album projects.

  3. You can lease your tracks from outlets such as Daywind or Christian World.  They will provide you with digital versions of the tracks, with recording permission, for about $150 per song.  You could also bring instrumental tracks from your own source, and we'll add your vocals.

I am a “hands on” producer who enjoys working with every phase of a recording project. I will help you with song choices and arranging (and learning your harmony parts, if needed), arrange the music charts, play piano & keyboards and lead the track session. As your PRODUCER, I will also handle the recording of your vocals and oversee your final mix.  If your project requires vocal background or live orchestration - - yep, we do that, too.

Here’s an interesting note - - many of the albums I’ve done here at Artist Tracks began as individual soundtrack projects.  The artist would send one or two tracks, then another, then a couple more . . . after a while, behold! - 10 tracks ! (A whole album !)  Then all we have to do is add vocals.  It’s a reasonably painless way to get a complete master tape.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me or call me at 864-847-4929 .  Leave your number and I’ll be glad to return your call. Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you soon concerning your musical project.

Thanks! . . . . . . Art Bain

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